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Cruise Plans and Destinations

See below for details.

Destinations (click link to view destination)

SF Ball park & McCovey Cove - (YouTube) Lots of fun and action if something is going on. Smooth and quiet spot for anchoring for lunch. Usually a bit cool and sometimes breezy.

Aquatic Park - City front recreation area with calm waters and lots of local attractions. Can be nice on the right day, usually a bit breezy and cool.

Golden Gate Bridge - Sailing under the golden gate bridge is like nothing other. Stunning views, and often accompanied by harbor porpoises. Can be very pleasant on the right day, may also be very windy, and sometimes a bit rough. Go for it but have a back up plan.

Horse Shoe Cove -  At one time, part of the SF bay harbor defense system at Fort Baker. Now home to a group of pleasure boats, and a few coast guard boats. Usually quiet water with stunning views of the GG bridge. Can be cool and windy, but also very nice if the weather is cooperating.

Alcatraz - Need we say more. Always included in any route, its right in the middle of everything. Sail by once and see it up close. No stopping get your camera ready. Breezy but were under sail at that point.

Angel Island - The jewel of the bay. A must if you have not been. Great place for lunch stop and walk. Museum and panoramic views. Usually very warm if not hot. Floating in the boat behind Angel island is a locals favorite pastime with temperatures frequently in the 80s.

Belvedere and Mt. Tam - As seen from Angel island. Breath taking views from a top Angel island. A short walk on the island will bring amazing views in all directions.

Paradise Cay - In the heart of the warm north bay. Local park with beach access - requires rowing ashore - no docks here.

The Warm North Bay - Gate way to the "Bahamas", often down right hot. Relaxing ride under the Richmond bridge, comfortable sailing, good anchorages for lunch. Usually very comfortable weather.

China Camp State Park - (Just off the map to the right) Warm calm water, swimming, lots of sun, exceptional lounging on the deck. Can be cool or breezy at times but usually very warm. Plan for an extended day for this trip.

Jack London Square - Always warm, very pleasant. See ocean going freighter from all over the world up close. Some docking at a few restaurants. Plan an extended day for this trip.

Trip Planning

Probably the most important decision for the day is whether on not to anchor for lunch or to just simply put to the boat in a comfortable course and eat as you go. If planning cruises down the Oakland estuary, Jack London Square, the south bay, or the China camp area, plan for an extended day with guests boarding by 10:00 am and planning to return no sooner than 6:30 pm. Anchoring for lunch is usually an hour or so, add a bit more time if BBQ is on the menu.

Sailing is not an exact science and speed and distance covered can vary with tides, currents, and wind conditions. For extended trips advise guests to allow extra time prior to any other appointments that day. Shorter trips will depart and return on schedule.

Departure Locations

Sausalito, Pier 40 (Near McCovey Cove), Alameda, Berkeley.
Note: Service to Pier 4o or Berkeley require additional docking fee for some boats - inquire during booking.
RiVive sailing yacht only departs from San Rafael.

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