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Captain Brad Alvis has been sailing for over 35 years (maybe a bit more ;). His sailing resume includes power and sailing craft and his voyages have taken him to the Caribbean, Hawaii, Bahamas, Mexico, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and up and down the California Coast including various trips to the Channel Islands.

As Captain and yacht owner he has provided literally thousands of passengers with enjoyable and comfortable sailing aboard a wide number of yachts.

Brad is also an ordained minister of Church of the Sea and regularly performs wedding services aboard many yachts.

Although Brad feels racing at 7 or 8 knots is a bit silly, (former stock car driver) he frequently participates in local beer can races and is registered with the Yacht Racing Association of the San Francisco bay. Brad has taught waterskiing and sailing to hundreds of clients over the years, and is co-organizer of the North Bay Sailing Meetup social group.

"Boating -Its a job, but someone has to do it :)" CB

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