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Most Recent Trips

Farallon Islands aboard Hasty Heart



July- tall ship parade!

Wendy: “ Excellent Day! Captain Brad is a superior sailor, and the Meet Up group was friendly and fun (as always). Thank you Dave for another fabulous event. ” Chazey: Just like last time, Brad and Dave and everyone else were simply fabulous! The Tall Ship Parade is a MUST-SEE event for anyone who hasn't seen it. We enjoyed great company, lots of sunshine during the early part of the day and wind for an exiting ride home. Can only recommend Brad's know-how when it comes to sailing and Dave's North Bay Sailing Group.
Rose: “ Fantastic day on the bay. Thank you to Dave and Capt. Brad. "Another great day! ” North Bay Sailing MeetUp Oganizer Dave
Tony: Excellent day! I got to steer (and dodge boats), do a few tacks, see some beautiful boats, and talk with a great bunch of people. Hope to repeat it many time to come. ” Jeanie: There weren't a large amount of "Tall Ships" but the ones that showed up were great. It was fun to be out sailing along with all the other sailor. A great time all around.
Alexandra: “ Awesome! Great company. Beautiful tall ships. Sailing great. Captain great. Waves/wind BIG and fun. ” Catherine: As usual, Dave did a smashing job of arranging a terrific day on the Bay. Thank you Dave!
Thanks! Was an excellent day! Thank you Dave & Brad. It was a fabulous sail, day out on the bay, and great group of people. Look forward to joining you again sometime. Happy Sailing! Lynette 


4th of July BBQ- Fireworks



June 21, 2008; Summer Solstice Sailing Cruise and Party at Treasure Island
MeetUp.com Group Sail

For details see:   North Bay Sailing MeetUp


“ Wow! Could it have been any better? We had it all. A full day of sailing on a the Lucrezia - and this boat was meant for sailing. It handled the waves really well. The company was great…the guitar playing and singing on board was a nice touch. And even more music on shore. Loved it. Capt. Brad is a trip…When can we do it again? Best meetup experience I have had so far. ”


“ Great day to get out sailing, listen to live music both on and off the boat (what a nice rare treat), dance under the tent, and get splashed with cold Bay water. What a fine way to celebrate! ”


“ I had a great time. The sailing was awesome. The weather amazing. The people were fun. The captain was good, safe and knowledgeable. I'd definitely go again? ”


“ While I had been on boats before (in Europe and Greece), this was my first sailing experience here in the San Francisco Bay and it was absolutely fantastic! Captain Bradley is an amazingly calm and experienced sailor who knows what he's doing, always had the boat under control and made everyone feel at ease. I am certainly signing up for the next sailing experience and can only highly recommend it to anyone else, experienced or just starting out. ”


“ Absolutely Fantastic! Captain Bradley is a gem. A great sailor, instilled calm and confidence in everyone there, with a comfortable, fast and fun boat. Let's do it again and again. How about a full moon sail, an open ocean sail and one that goes to a beach or island for a picnic/potluck? ”


“ The crew was courageous, brave and true. There were hardships, and pain, and suffering and great reward. A few of them said they really liked the pain part. I never though they would be able to take the stress but they held out to the bitter end. The end of the cocktails that is of course and the last of the mojitos. Drink up me harties ho ho! ”


“ The trip was above and beyond better than I expected and quite thrilling at times. Thanks Captain Bradley for keeping us from getting Bonked by the Boom and the pre-departing warnings. Dave thanks for putting this trip together. The photo treasure hunt was a fun challenge. It was such a pleasure to spend the day with so many fun, easy-going, and interesting people. I will rate this trip one of my most memorable. A big hug to all. Jeanie ”


Note: MeetUp.com groups are open to the public, see www.meetup.com for events and attractions near you.


October 6 Blue Angels Air Show
[If the number of pictures a guy takes is any indication of how much fun he had, I think the link below will speak for itself.
Jim and Max Matson took over 100 photographs which is considered humanly impossible and way more than the US Navy allows I think...
many more of their photos during their trip on the link below... Captain Bradley]


He y'all,

Jim and I compiled our photo's together and posted them to my .Mac site. I know there are a lot, but they're
kinda fun to scan through. If you see any that you want the full resolution copy of, just let us know.

Don't miss IMG_2729.JPG, on the last page, it was the one where the angle buzzed the boat! 

Also, IMG_2747.JPG thu IMG_2753.JPG was the time the angle came in fast under the
Golden Gate. Take a look at the shock wave around it picking up the water!


Max Matson

Whose air space is this anyway?

Whose air space is this anyway?

The coast gaurd always gets the best seats

The coast gaurd always gets the best seats

See the vacuum pulling water up from the bay

See the vacuum pulling water up from the bay

Vapor Trail

Note the vapor trail vacuum picking up water off the tail of the plane - Thats about 700 mph

Comments after this trip:
We sailed with Captain Bradley aboard the Lucrezia for the Fleet Week Air Show and boat parade.  
It was a great experience, both for the event, and the sailing.

The boat is roomy and spacious – with each passenger feeling enough personal space and able to interact with the other guests
and even the Captain !!! (free boat piloting lessons include, situation permitting !!)...and there are rest rooms below !

Captain Bradley was experienced, confident and pleasant – and humorous – and obviously knows the
bay like the back of his hand (or chart) - he and the crew were excellent hosts.

We motored in place for the Air Show – in exactly the right spot, and were rewarded for his excellent navigation,
by several overhead visits from the Blue Angels and the Air Force F-16 – the attached photographs tell the tale well !!

We look forward to our next adventure on the Bay with Captain Bradley and crew !!  
I’d heartily recommend his services for family or Company fun !!

Best Regards,

Theodore E. Lavoie (TL)


September-01-07: Good times with friends
This lady knows how to have fun!

Thanks to commodore JJ !! -cpt.B

How did we get here

He's right its ok!

Its all in the toes

Look I can walk on water

The rope swing Click Here

August-25-07: Birthday Party
These people got really out of control...Just like they should!

Birthday party

Were in trouble now

Just another day in paradise (bay)

Lost at sea

Ok... I'm having fun now!

Im getting off this boat no matter what!

Getting wet

No worries mate :)


August-18-07: Family Reunion
As you can see these people had a miserable time...

Hearty crew

Driving to the wind

Is that boat larger than ours?

Liquid lunch

The bahamas?

Driving hard


Stressed out

Swingers party

Ready for fun


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