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Have you ever taken sailing lessons and felt like the instructor was a military drill Sergeant? Well, we have a different idea. We make FUN the primary objective. After all isn't the main reason to have fun? We think so.

We teach how to have FUN on a boat
(if you learn a little sailing along the way.. even better!)

Daily FUN lessons are in groups of 4 people, 3 hours, with food and drinks provided.
12:00 - 3:00 pm. Other times can be arranged. Fun Lessons run May through August.

FUN Lessons are ongoing and there is no start date or end date. Each day is the same but different. All questions can be answered, no test unless you want. There are no books or extra fees. Come and go as you please, drop in on any day.

Create your own group or join one in progress.


Great for birthdays


romantic days


corporate days


warm days


any day - today!

People learn best when they are having fun. Itís a known fact.  Read what Others have to Say

All aspects of sailing are taught aboard ReVive* one of the best sailing boats made. Learn how to have SAFE fun on the water, and entertain others on your own boat. 25 years of fun experience in bay, offshore, Caribbean and racing. No boring lectures, we start sailing when you arrive. Learn by doing, participate as much as you like or sit back and relax! We only have one rule - have FUN!

Unlike the crowded and cold central San Francisco bay, we sail in the WARM north bay a  paradise that stretches for 20 miles with calm, smooth, warm waters. Dozens of private coves and wide open space with warm breezes. This region, often called the Caribbean by locals, is warmed by waters that flow from the hot central California valley.

It is very common to have temperatures in the mid 80s and above. Revive is a great boat to have fun on and finished 6th place in our division in the 2009 Vallejo Race.
The boat name says it all!

Call now for reservations - 415.261.1004

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Typical day in San "Caribbean" Pablo Bay

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